Create a brochure to visually describe accessible technology and its ramifications — how usable web sites enable people to work, learn, shop and play in ways that were previously impossible.


Technology has revolutionized the lives of people with disabilities. It allows them to earn a degree, go to work, make friends and buy the things they need — tasks that were once either impossible or extremely difficult.

This annual report creates a visual representation of what accessibility represents for so many. A single, dominant image covers each spread, chosen to correspond to the ramifications of accessibility described in the copy. HTML code (easily recognized by the intended audience) is applied to portions of photographs — a road, a river, interior walls and the sky overhead — to demonstrate how accessible technology can make it possible for people to virtually visit these places, communicate with others and perform tasks once thought impossible for those who cannot see, hear or move easily.

The white, almost empty cover presents something we can all relate to — a rotating cursor asking us to wait. It’s a visual description of what life is like for people with disabilities in the absence of accessible technology: an endless, fruitless delay.

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