Redesign an existing site, grouping pages of information together into easily understood practice areas and making it easier for visitors to find specific information on any of several dozen topics.


As organizations grow, new products and services may necessitate an organizational re-branding. After many years, this client had developed a consulting service, an annual educational conference and a series of community events, all designed to increase technological accessibility. As a result, the website had become stuffed with pages and was difficult to navigate, with no comprehensive organization to guide various audiences to specific content.

Reflecting the three primary practice areas, the front page is divided into three sections, each aligned with the color used to designate a department. As the cursor moves over each area it changes color, and the primary navigation for each main section becomes visible. The first half of a sentence, "Technology is moving this way," appears above the primary image. As the cursor rolls over a section, an end to the sentence appears: for the business-to-business consulting, "are you coming?"; for the educational programs, "we'll show you the path."; for the community events section, "let's go there together."

The primary pages are each accessed from these roll-over menus. The photo behind the images was designed to be replaced regularly, keeping the look of the site fresh. Images taken at any of the annual events can be used to demonstrate the impact of the organization or highlight special events and relationships.

Department colors were also used on interior pages to help guide users through the various sections of the site, and logos for the departments at the top of each page help orient visitors.

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