Words transform the mind. Design transforms the heart.

Design is a tool that generates emotion. Without aesthetics, every car would look the same — there would be no sports or luxury models. There would be no fashion industry. Practical concerns would be paramount, for logic would rule the mind.

Fortunately, how we feel has a profound influence on our purchases, and an entrepreneur who generates strong emotion creates a significant advantage. An auto repair shop can position itself as a savior, coming to the rescue of stranded drivers. A garden center can create an upscale brand that provides a feeling of luxury. A software company can develop an atmosphere that’s light-hearted or serious, productive or entertaining. The right design creates emotional cues that attract the customer base you most want to serve.


We begin by identifying the emotions that convert prospects into purchasers. Do you need to create feelings of jealousy? Relief? Confidence? When I cross the threshold, how should my heart respond?

Once we’ve identified the emotional context we’ll take a look at the marketplace. Is there a competitor who has staked claim to some part of the emotional spectrum? We’ll make sure that the look and feel of your brand addresses a unique set of needs and desires, setting you apart from others in the field.

The Alchemy of Design

We’ll use the alchemical tools of design — color, illustrations, fonts, photos — to translate emotions into the public face of your brand, crafting the building blocks of your communications infrastructure. This foundation enables us to produce the materials that deliver your message: a website, brochures, business papers and whatever else is required.

Simultaneously, we'll develop processes that enable you to manage your collateral. You'll receive a library of images and templates, and branding guidelines to create consistency. These materials put you in charge of your image and make it easy to frequently and consistently promote your brand and engage your customers.

Once the branding infrastructure is complete, future tasks can be completed easily. New materials require only updated information; the layout and look are already complete. Designing your business identity is an investment in the long term future of your brand, one that pays dividends for the life of your organization.

And once this foundation is complete, campaigns can be developed whenever they’re needed. New ventures, product offerings, and promotions can build upon the emotional context we’ve already developed, forming a cohesive brand that firmly establishes your value.