Commemorate 20 years of a special community in a series of pieces that invite and welcome constituents to a very special celebration.


Two decades is a milestone for any organization, but when those years are shared with hundreds of families, friends, staff and donors, the occasion calls for a long look back.

The anniversary was celebrated at the annual golf tournament and dance. Hundreds of snapshots were borrowed from scrapbooks and dug out of shoe boxes, then scanned and arranged to create posters, invitations and a keepsake program.

The slogan “20 Years in the Saddle” ties the anniversary to the hard work done by hundreds of staff, volunteers and supporters in those two decades. The results of their hard work – buildings, camps, meals, parties, offices, animals and gardens – are shown in hundreds of images of familiar faces and events.

Only two new photos were added to the collection. Two volunteer Ranchers were photographed at the Ranch stables, one riding a horse, the other casually leaning on a metal fence. These two images were used to create a visual link between the Ranch of the past and the future it creates for those it serves.

During the gala, a slideshow of more than 500 images was projected on a large screen behind the stage. For many in attendance, it was like taking a walk through a past too easily forgotten. For everyone, it was a testament to the time, energy and love it took to build this special community.

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