Develop a campaign for a 25-year-old organization that describes the comprehensive hospice and housing services they offer to people living with — and dying from — HIV.


How do you describe death? Disease? Homelessness? An organization serving the needs of low-income individuals with HIV needed to find a way to speak succinctly about the broad array of services they offer. Some find employment, others find a place to live. Some get well, others pass away in a peaceful place. The challenge was to create a slogan that could describe the single purpose behind all of these services.

It didn't take long to realize that the organization's offering was more than a bed and a meal — it's an opportunity to live and, possibly, die with dignity. This organization provides "dignity, every day" to those it serves. The new slogan was presented in a handwritten typeface, making it more personal, and referencing the idea that everyone deserves dignity.

A talented young photographer was recruited to capture images of willing constituents. These faces tell the story as well as any assembly of words could. The photos were desaturated to allow viewers to focus on the faces of the subjects, revealing their humanity, and freeing it from the surroundings.

This campaign was designed to appeal to several different audiences, including volunteers, health-care workers, donors and the many others who make this work possible. Secondary messages were added to audience-specific materials. Caregivers and volunteers understand that "caring isn't work," and donors soon learn that "a home changes everything."