Dental Implants

At least 113 million Americans – about one in three – are missing at least one tooth. But the consequences of missing teeth are more serious than most people realize. Surrounding teeth may shift to fill in the gap, throwing off the bite, causing pain and headaches. The jawbone can shrink, making the face droop and appear older. And, of course, a missing tooth can make us feel embarrassed.

Fortunately, missing teeth are not the problem that they once were. New technology can replace individual teeth with a dental implant — a “tooth” that is crafted to be indistinguishable from natural teeth, and that functions in the same way living do.

It becomes a part of you

The process begins with an examination. A combination of impressions, x-rays and computerized tomography scans are used to model your jaw and determine exactly what kind of implant is required. Once completed, a simple procedure is performed that anchors the implant into the bone. Because the bone around the implant is not cut, but compressed around the implant material, it is extremely stable. The entire process is simple and minimally invasive.

When the implant is placed into your jaw, the bone will naturally bond to the implant material. This prevents the loss of bone that occurs after a tooth is removed. An oxide coating on the implant accelerates this procedure. Once the anchor is firmly in place, we take an impression that will define the shape of the final tooth. Once the ceramic crown is affixed to the anchor, the implant looks every bit as natural as the teeth that surround it. This type of procedure maintains an extraordinary 98% success rate.

A beautiful alternative

Once the implant process is complete, you care for your new tooth in the same way as you care for your other teeth. It looks and functions the same way (but it won't ever get a cavity!) It's even possible to replace multiple missing teeth, no matter the number. We promise – you’ll never miss dentures.

Our patients tell us that their implants make them look and feel years younger. They enjoy smiling again, and they’re not afraid to be in pictures. Fresh vegetables and fruits are back on the menu, and they don’t have to worry about dentures moving around or popping out (or those nasty adhesives). Because it's much easier to care for implants than dentures, bacteria is less likely to build up, resulting in lower rates of gum disease and cavities. There isn’t a more beautiful, natural way to keep a healthy smile throughout your life.



A mouth full of metal isn't very attractive. For years, dentists worked to find natural looking alternatives to metal fillings, and today we can fix cavities with revolutionary materials that look just like natural teeth. But what about those of us who spend years in braces? Today, the clear choice is Invisalign®.

A more comfortable approach…

Invisalign® replaces traditional metal braces with clear aligners that are molded to fit your teeth. Every two weeks, you replace one set of aligners with another, gradually moving your teeth little by little into a new position. There are no wires or rubber bands to deal with. If you need to, you can just take the aligners out. You remove them when you eat and clean your teeth, so you don’t have to worry about getting bits of food trapped in places that are difficult to clean, which can lead to decay.

A more natural process.

Most people won’t notice that you’re wearing them, but they’re hard at work making gradual adjustments that, in a few months, will reposition your teeth and give you a more beautiful smile. Each set of aligners is created using advanced computer imaging that tracks where your teeth are now and where you want them to be. When you visit our office, we can show you how your teeth will look once the Invisalign® process has been completed. 

As you wear the aligners, different teeth will be moved at different rates and in different directions, as determined by the treatment plan we create during your visit. You’ll come in occasionally so we can assess your progress, and we can make changes to the plan as we go. If necessary, we can create new aligners to either speed up or slow down the process — your process is as unique as you are. 

Beautiful, Simple, Flexible.

Invisalign® enables you to look your best when you need to; you can just take them out for a few hours if you don't want to wear them to a special event or a photo shoot. But most of the time you'll want to leave them in — few will notice when you're wearing them. The system creates beautiful teeth in the same way that metal braces do, but without forcing you to avoid smiling for months or years. 

The Invisalign® system can fix overly crowded and widely spaced teeth along with overbites and underbites. It can be used as part of an overall  transformation incorporating veneers and even implants. And it's flexible. As your teeth move, we can refine your program to create the perfect smile — no more waiting until the braces are removed to assess the results. 

The process of straightening teeth used to mean years of “metal mouth,” rubber bands, tightening wires and endless cleaning. No more — you won’t believe how easy and comfortable the Invisalign® process is. Give us a call, and let us show you how simple "beautiful" has become.



Combining laser energy and a spray of water, the Waterlase® MD performs a wide range of dental procedures on teeth, gum and bone. As water droplets absorb light they become energized and, when directed at the tooth, rapidly remove enamel, dentin and decay. The result? A more comfortable, more effective procedure.

We pride ourselves on creating beautiful smiles using the most natural methods and the most comfortable procedures. The Waterlase® MD is one of the best tools we have for achieving these goals – it minimizes trauma while allowing us to perform procedures that can’t be done with a drill or a scalpel. 

We can remove tooth enamel, bone and gum tissue with the highest degree of precision, leaving surrounding areas unaffected, and keeping more of the natural tooth structure. The Waterlase® MD also eliminates the potential for hairline cracks and fractures in the teeth created by high speed drills.


With the Waterlase® MD, we use fewer shots and less anesthesia. We just don’t need it. In a clinical trial, 98.5% of patients reported no discomfort during a Waterlase® MD procedure. You’ll also notice that the Waterlase® MD does not generate heat during use, unlike traditional drills. This means that the procedure is more comfortable, and there is no chance that heat can irreversibly damage the soft tissue or pulp underneath.

You’ll be more comfortable after the procedure as well. Bleeding, post-operative pain, swelling and the need for pain medication are significantly decreased because the Waterlase® MD works so precisely and can actually help to coagulate areas with blood loss during the procedure.

We’ll miss seeing you, but many of our patients require fewer office visits — the Waterlase® MD allows us to fix cavities in all areas of the mouth in just one visit. We can also perform many procedures that were previously referred to specialists.

Waterlase® dentistry – another way of creating a more beautiful, natural, comfortable you.



We all want whiter teeth, but it seems like everything makes them brown. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine and smoking are the common culprits, but the aging process itself can darken our teeth. Most of us have tried the over-the-counter whitening systems, but they’re messy, difficult to use and take far too long. We’ve tried to get good results without going to the one person who knows the most about our teeth – the dentist.


Zoom! is a safe, natural method for whitening teeth that removes stains without affecting the natural tooth structure. Home systems require multiple applications over several weeks or months because the whitening gel concentration can be so low. Zoom! whitening takes place in a little over an hour and jump starts the brightening process. When combined with a simple home regimen, the results can be long lasting.


The light used during the Zoom! procedure breaks down the hydrogen peroxide contained in the whitening gel. As it’s broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin of the tooth, whitening colored surfaces while leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged. The natural action of the oxygen removes stains from the surface and interior of the teeth. Of course, there’s another natural reaction that you’ll experience after the procedure – the reaction you see when someone looks at your beautiful smile!


After the treatment, regular care – brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist regularly – can keep your teeth whiter than they were before the treatment. Of course, you should also avoid food, drink, and habits that can cause staining. Once we’ve finished the Zoom! procedure, we’ll provide you with a kit of whitening products you can use to easily touch-up your teeth. A simple procedure, a beautiful result. What are you waiting for?