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Coming Soon: A Hospital Near You

Folks in Lakeway have long dreamed of comprehensive medical facilities in a convenient location. Those dreams are finally going to be realized.

For years, the closest facilities for Lakeway residents have been found in downtown Austin. But soon, the Lakeway Regional Medical Center will be open for business, providing services from cardiology and oncology to physical therapy and pain management. 

The new eight-story facility will include more than 100 beds and a 24-bed full time emergency room. A complete surgery center equipped with six operating rooms will be complimented by two pain management rooms. In the first phase of this project, the hospital will open with a helipad and parking garage. A second phase will more than double the number of beds and include a hotel, rehabilitation center, elder care, day care and retail space.

Stay tuned. There’s more to come from this exciting — and welcome — development.


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Lakeway Regional Medical Center — A Medical Community Just Down the Road from Belvedere

In surveys done since the late 1990’s, Lakeway residents have put “nearby medical facilities” at the top of their wish lists. Well, this dream may be about to come true. 

The Lakeway Regional Medical Center has been under construction for several months, and the first phase should open sometime in 2012. The initial rollout will include more than 100 beds, a 24-bed emergency room, six operating rooms, a helipad and a parking garage. 

A second phase of the Center will take full advantage of the 54 acres on the site, and include a rehabilitation hospital with 85 patient rooms, an elder-care facility for 80-100 patients and an extended stay hotel with 60-90 rooms. More than 244,000 square feet of medical office space and 30,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space will enable patients and their families to handle long-term medical issues in one location. 

The site has been developed to take advantage of exceptional views of the Central Texas hills, valleys and lakes nearby. Landscaped courtyards and a man-made water feature will compliment the natural beauty of the area, and creating a peaceful place for visitors and staff.

Phase one of the Lakeway Regional Medical Center will have a significant economic impact. The construction phase is bringing more than 2,400 jobs and $450 million into the Lakeway community. Once open, the Center will support more than 1,800 permanent jobs and bring more than $300 million into the area each year. 

If concerns about medical care have been delaying your move to the rolling hills and landscapes of Belvedere, your wait is over.