Develop a brand identity that extends the aesthetic developed for the logo concept, finding ways to incorporate the idea of quality engineering embedded into the technologically sophisticated products we depend on.


To the average person, it would seem that building a machine is much more of a science than an art, but most devices can be designed and constructed in an infinite number of ways, and it takes an engineering artist to create a device that works dependably in a wide range of conditions and can be manufactured easily and inexpensively.

This brand identity shows a glimpse of the inner workings, visually explaining the vital role of the embedded designer. Gears layered over a complex circuit board peer through holes in letterhead, or the metal "cover" of a folder or note card. A holiday card presents the same concept in the form of a Christmas tree: a triangular cutout creates the form with gears supplying the "ornaments."

A slogan, "Success is in Focus," appears above the circuit board in some materials. The double entendre is clear — success can be achieved only by focusing on the details, and success can be achieved by working with this company.

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