Design a logo concept for an embedded electronic engineering firm, visually describing the need for attention to detail required in the development of technologically sophisticated devices.


Embedded electronics surround us. Computer chips operate our appliances, cars, phones and thousands of other devices, performing functions beneath the surface of our awareness. The technology that operates these devices was developed by embedded designers. But, just like the computer chips in use all around us, the work of these engineers goes largely unnoticed and unappreciated (at least until something goes wrong).

The name was chosen after several conversations with the client, who repeatedly mentioned how critical focus is in the production of well-designed circuit boards. Devices are a mix of hardware and software, and the programs that will run on a device dictate how the hardware should be developed; the symbiotic relationship between the two must be factored into their development. The only way to produce a quality device is to focus on the interactions between electronics, programming, manufacturability, environment and users.

In all but single-color applications, the logo is displayed as a cutout, drawing our eyes to the technology found underneath the surface. The metal plating and gear arrangement can be customized for individual applications. The plating can be colored or replaced with a photograph, alluding to the ways that embedded technology underlie every aspect of modern life.

Watches supply the inspiration for the logo styling. Steampunk-inspired gears are placed above a modern circuit board, visually blending modern technology with old-world craftsmanship.

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