Create a flexible advertising program that supports and enhances the brand, appealing to a wide variety of audiences with a cohesive message covering a wide variety of offerings.


The name of the business is incorporated into the slogan used for all of the various services and programs offered by the center. A verb is added to the beginning of the sentence — that’s the only differentiation. The verb, along with a compelling photo, provide enough different messages to cover the full range of services and programs. You can “strengthen” in any of the fitness and personal training programs. “Resist” or “persist” in the martial arts, boxing or self-defense programs. “Enlighten” and “integrate” with meditation. No matter what services are offered, this simple yet highly adaptable campaign captures a common spirit and provides a solid grounding for the brand. 

The images are enhanced with waves created using the foundational shape developed for the logo and mandala. The foundational shape is repeated in a specific direction (the rationale for each is discussed on the logo concept page for this client). The captured portion of the photo is then blurred slightly, and the result is an image of energy. That energy is passed from the hands of a masseur to his client, or along the arms of a personal trainer as he teaches and strengthens. You can see the energy emanating from a yoga position, or moving through the mind of a meditating man. In each case, this photo manipulation technique both strengthens the link with the brand and engages the viewer.

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