Develop a brand identity that incorporates all of the energy of the advertising campaign and incorporates the welcoming colors and mandala of the logo concept.


The brand identity takes advantage of the mandala and the “waves” created from the foundational shape. The “purple lotus” palette used in the logo concept are combined with the waves and the symbol to create vibrant, rich business papers. Blank cards can be used for common correspondence, and those with specific purpose or intended for a specific audience can incorporate photos. “Gather” could be used for an invitation; “connect” can provide information about an upcoming retreat.   

The backs of the business cards and the fronts of some of the note cards are used to enhance and reinforce the message of how this company can enhance your life: strengthen, integrate, enlighten, become. Even without the company name, the verbs used in the advertising campaign create meaning from the wave-enhanced photos. Used on 

The patterns blend aesthetics and meaning — when we gather together and work together, combining our individual efforts, we can achieve our common goals and individual aspirations.

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