PCB SErvices

PCB Rework

As more elaborate components have populated more complex PCBs, we’ve enhanced our services, added new capabilities, educated our staff and upgraded our tools. We’re constantly improving to meet the needs of our customers, their devices and their markets — to provide each of our clients with a path from concept to completion.

We specialize in complex projects involving package-on-package, LGA, QFN, CSP and other components that present real challenges to those without the right experience and equipment. We keep an IPC-A-610E certified trainer on staff, and adhere to the IPC-7711/7721 rework standards outlined by the SMT industry.

We insist on working with the best tools and the right methods, like employing compressed nitrogen to reduce oxidation during rework performed on one of our nine VJ Electronix rework stations. This critical advantage is especially important for rework performed on fine-pitch components, prototypes, expensive or irreplaceable PCBs, or devices that demand reliability.

We know that each step we take better serves our clients and their customers.

Reworking PCBs…

From fine pitch components (tolerances as low as .4 mm) to complex mixed-pitch patterns, we provide a level of precision rarely matched in the industry. No matter what stage of development you’re in, we can get your project to the next phase.

  • We analyze manufacturing flaws and find the most cost-effective methods to repair them.
  • We repair defective boards and prototypes, correcting manufacturing faults of all kinds: damaged traces and solder mask, incorrectly installed components, manufacturing defects — whatever electrical or mechanical flaws keep your PCB from functioning optimally. In a single manufacturing run, several different boards may present several different types of faults; we’ll analyze each mechanical problem, propose appropriate solutions and repair each one the right way.
  • We salvage expensive and rare components, specializing in BGAs that need to be removed and/or reballed, then install them into new boards or send them back to the customer to be used in their own assembly operations.
  • Eight VJ Electronix rework stations allow our technicians to process a large number of boards in the smallest timeframe, maintaining our exemplary on-time delivery statistics.
  • We develop clearly defined and repeatable processes to make rework as dependable as the original manufacture and to make it easier to perform the same operations on any future projects.
  • During and after rework, we inspect what we’ve done using tools like the Vertex 130KV X-Ray Inspection System and the Technolab BGA Inspector Endoscope, completing a 4-point inspection on each component we place. For some projects, we can also perform 5D X-ray, used to locate and address the most difficult manufacturing and reworking issues.
  • We reball BGAs, removing lead-free alloys and replacing with SnPb or detaching BGAs from existing PCBs then reballing and, if needed, reinstalling them into new boards.

And Re-evaluating Design.

Sometimes a project requires the skill of a PCB designer, and we keep one handy. Our friends at Focus Embedded help clients who need to revisit the PCB layout prior to building or reworking a board. They can track down faults, alter the board configuration or even design new PCBs. They work closely with our technicians, helping to plan and define the process that leads to a successful fabrication.

PCB Assembly

As the tolerances required by PCB assembly become smaller and components become more complex and expensive, PCB assembly requires more experienced technicians using advanced tools. We specialize in extremely difficult assembly — we can produce a small number of intricate PCBs at the same tolerances and specifications as a large-scale job produced by a tier one manufacturer.

Some of our largest jobs have also been our most complex. Whether we purchase components or our clients consign a kit, we define assembly protocols to minimize the number of steps and the amount of time required by each finished device. We custom design inspection, testing and packaging procedures for each project, and determine how to do it all within the client’s budget.

  • We assemble the most complex devices, including package-on-package components.
  • We provide assembly for both procurement and consignment jobs, working with your staff in the way that makes the most sense within your time and budget constraints.
  • We incorporate state-of-the-art automated and manual assembly equipment, including a Juki.460 Cube Selective Solder System, a nine-zone Heller 1809 Mark III SMT Reflow Oven and VJ Electronix Summit 1800 BGA Rework Machines for those assembly jobs requiring the skills of a highly-trained technician.

Flexible Assembly Services

Some clients want assembly and nothing else — they provide PCBs, components, Centroid files, Gerber files and a BOM, and we complete the job to those exact specifications.

Other clients need much more help.

  • We can source and order components then track the materials used to maintain accurate BOMs for future production runs.
  • You may specify exactly what parts are needed and have us order them, or you may prefer to receive a recommendation based on our experience with part quality and availability.
  • When clients are considering non-standard processes or are undecided about where to place components, we bring in the team at Focus Embedded. Their PCB designers can help you determine how to lay out a PCB or the best way to redo an existing design and get it to work the way it was intended. If you need help getting to the assembly line, the folks at Focus can get you ready to build.
  • We also work with trusted vendors to help you produce bare PCBs from Gerber files; give us a call and we will walk you through the process.
  • Ready to get a quote? We’ll need the following information to get started:
  • Bill of materials in spreadsheet or text format (no PDFs)
  • Gerber files, top and bottom (silk screen, solder mask and solder paste)
  • Quantity to be assembled
  • Solder alloy needed (SnPB or lead-free)
  • Any turn time requirements
  • Centroid data in text or spreadsheet file (not required for a quote, but helpful)
  • After the quote has been accepted, you’ll be provided with a job number to be used on all shipping labels. We will not begin assembly until all of the items in your BOM have been received.


Package-on-package (PoP) devices allow for significantly improved component density, but those advances also increase the need for precise PCB rework and prototype development, performed by a well-trained and experienced staff.

In the past few years, notable clients have trusted us with extremely challenging PoP projects, and each time the bar is raised, we pass the test. We’ve tackled some of the most complex devices ever developed in just the last few years, and we’ve clearly demonstrated our proficiency at the cutting edge, building prototypes that … (sorry, we just can’t talk about those clients or projects on our website … security clearances and confidentiality agreements … you understand).

We have the equipment, experience and training to make sure that even the most complex PoP devices are fabricated to your specifications.

  • One of the primary challenges in executing PoP designs is the need for precise alignment. We use the most advanced tools to ensure we meet the most stringent specifications, including pitch as low as 0.4mm.
  • Prototype development is one of our specialties. We develop long-term relationships with designers who rely on our staff to take their concepts one step closer to reality. But we don’t just build prototypes; we work with developers to improve manufacturability, source components and develop a recipe that improves the product while minimizing costs.
  • Reworking PoPs is one of the most challenging of all PCB operations. We thoroughly examine each facet of an existing device, then build thermal profiles that minimize defects caused by warping or expansion.
  • We use X-ray inspection to catch and correct faults as quickly as possible, keeping full-scale manufacturing costs down and making sure that the finished prototype achieves first-article quality.
  • We work with Focus Embedded, experts at PCB layout and design, to examine the wide range of variables that make it possible to create dense, efficient PoP devices, manufacture them in the most cost effective way, and move your project one step closer to completion.