Cable Assembly in India

Constructing cable assemblies that withstand every kind of environmental stress is a labor-intensive, time-consuming process. To meet these demands while maintaining the best ROI for our customers, Cypress Industries has developed facilities in India and China, staffed with some of the most highly skilled workers in the world.

Our operations are the very definition of “custom.” Our design and production teams can work from your specifications or assist you in designing the right custom cable assemblies, taking you from prototype to production. Our technicians craft the right manufacturing process, automating as much as possible, including stripping, crimping and testing. We choose the materials and methods that best suit the demands of the finished product, and we document each step to ensure repeatabilty.

Our cable assembly engineers in India are harness experts, and can assist your team with value engineering and cost reductions through better assembly methods, improved material selection, alternative sources and detailed analysis of all your cable and harness requirements.

We make our own tools, dies and applicators to provide the widest range of options, including custom dies that brand your cable assemblies with your logo or other text. We provide braiding, potting, premolding, overmolding and sealing to meet standards for durability (including IP67/68) and environmental standards (RoHS, CMP, CMR, LSZH, etc.) Each cable assembly, whether crafted in India or here in the U.S., is subjected to rigorous testing. Once it’s in the field, we encourage customer feedback, allowing us to improve future builds and meet any unexpected needs.

Our high-end ERP systems are so exacting that we can develop the product in the U.S., then reconstruct the entire cable assembly manufacturing process in India or China as needed, reducing transportation and other costs while maintaining the same quality you’ve come to expect from our Austin team. Once you’ve approved the first article, we use this documentation to ensure first-article quality for every piece and every order. From complex cable assemblies to more standard cabling, we manufacture any number of finished cable assemblies, and can warehouse and ship them as needed.

We build custom cable assemblies in India for:

  • computer and controller area networks (CAN) devicenet (M8/M12), including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) custom cables;
  • custom cables for product manufacturers;
  • household appliances and refrigeration trucks with thermistors;
  • oil, gas, wind, solar and natural gas companies, as well as mining and exploration;
  • pneumatic and hydraulic equipment as well as cranes and lift stations;
  • gaming and casino applications;
  • industrial and agricultural equipment;
  • material handling and food processing.