Military Cable Assemblies

Each facet of a military operation depends on every other; as the old proverb says, the battle can be lost for want of a nail. That’s why every piece of equipment must meet rigorous specifications and come from a company that is known for its attention to detail and methodical approach. Cypress Industries creates military cable assemblies for every branch of the armed forces, providing dependable, high-quality products that meet all applicable specs.

Our team can design and manufacture mil spec cable assemblies to virtually any standard — MIL-STD-1460, MIL-S-45743, MIL-STD-2000 and J Standard-001 Class 3. We provide 38999 connectors and circular connectors, which we overmold as needed. We incorporate potting, premolding and overmolding into cable assemblies that are designed for field use: vibration and abrasion resistant, and waterproof to IP67 and IP68 specs. These cable assemblies are ideal for locations that present temperature extremes, severe wind and moisture, and rugged environments where practical considerations like blind mating become mission-critical.

We manufacture from your drawings, or work with you to design mil spec cable assemblies for equipment that forms the backbone of military operations: battle tanks, four-wheel drive vehicles, infantry vehicles, armored personnel carriers (APC’s), ships, humvee’s, cargo vehicles, mine protection vehicles, armored vehicles, SUV’s and rugged ATV’s. Every branch of the DoD — the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard — needs dependable power and precise control, and that’s what we’re here to provide.

We pride ourselves on our highly repeatable and highly secure operations, providing the clearances and quality you require, build after build. Our services have been ITAR-certified, from the production floor to the computerized production management that safeguards even the most confidential projects. Our operations can be conducted entirely within the U.S., and we have government CAGE codes — please call to request our number.

As part of our commitment to our military customers, we’ve exceeded even these measures. We’ve implemented an ethics and integrity program in each of our facilities around the world, creating an atmosphere of responsibility for our entire staff and a management team that leads by example.

  • We can design and manufacture military cable assemblies in the U.S., India or Asia, while adhering to any and all security clearance protocols, optimizing turn times and costs, including shipping.
  • We are an IPC-A-610 certified and a UL Listed, ISO 9001:2008 certified cable assembly shop, as well as a member of the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association (WHMA).
  • We work with our customers to create ERP systems with complete documentation, making future builds as dependable as the first.
  • Each military cable assembly is tested and inspected at each stage of development, allowing us to identify problems and find solutions long before they’re put into service.