Design a modern logo concept that presents the service offerings of a technology company in a unique and professional style, elevating the visual presentation to more closely match the professional, quality services offered by this organization.


PCBs can cost a few cents or tens of thousands of dollars. They range from extremely simple to incredibly complex. But the companies that create prototypes, perform difficult repairs and assemble PCBs include large, established businesses and garage-sized operations.

This client needs to differentiate the business — a large and growing organization with extensive facilities and equipment — from the other, less established organizations that crowd the market. Beginning with the circuit board was an obvious choice; too obvious, since most competitors use photos of circuit boards in their materials. But images of circuit boards cannot capture the excitement of product development, or demonstrate the client's exceptional skill.

The lines of metal used to connect components on PCBs are called "traces." A modern, squared typeface gives a sophisticated appearance to the company name, and the logo is tied into the company's offering by using angled traces to remove small portions of the letterforms. Lines of color gradients, also set at a 30-degree angle and casting shadows of various sizes, providing a common design element. The traces can be used in black or color, and can be added to photographs of almost anything, from city streets to microscopic x-rays. In this way, the idea of a PCB can be applied to far more interesting images, engaging the viewer and offering a glimpse into the high-quality results of their efforts. When the traces are applied to photographs, they energize the image. This treatment can turn the most mundane photos into something far more visually stimulating.

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