Create a site to introduce a new product to live musicians, breaking down dozens of features into four easily understood groups, and providing detailed specifications for technically-minded visitors.


The features of this revolutionary keyboard were grouped and assigned characters to make them easier to understand and to help potential customers find the features most likely to appeal to their particular needs. A page was developed for each group, featuring a large background image of each character to help orient visitors and mirror the marketing messages found in the product brochure and other materials.

Navigation also follows the character/feature groupings. The slogans developed for each character are used as links, establishing the types of features found on each page. ("I gotta go" covers portability features; "reflect my style" covers customization options, and so on.) Additional links are sprinkled throughout the copy to continually remind visitors about all of the unprecedented features found in this keyboard.

Additional pages for ordering and specifications include product shots instead of character photos.