Develop a company name and logo concept for an organization that manufactures a first-of-its-kind electronic keyboard designed specifically for the live musician.


To meet the needs of live musicians, the client developed a technologically advanced keyboard that offers features not found in any competing products. Unprecedented sensitivity, portability and customization necessitated an unprecedented price tag, so the product was positioned as a "must-have" device for the aficionado, exuding the same panache as a high-end, customized motorcycle or a cutting-edge, wearable computer accessory.

The original name for the company was a portmanteau describing an aspect of the inner workings of the keyboard, but it didn't do much to generate the right vibe, so a new name was chosen from a musical term. "Call and response" describes a musical interaction: a phrase passed back and forth between two different musicians, found in everything from traditional hymns to classic rock. When the word "infinite" is added, it also describes a type of algorithm used in the device's programming.

Portability is one of the most important features of the instrument – it folds in half, making life much easier for musicians on the go. The letters "A" and "V" used in the product name mirror this important attribute, described in detail in the product brochure. The number "77" refers to the number of keys, just 11 less than a traditional piano.

An original typeface was developed for this client. Undulating waves fade in and out behind the logo, visually evoking the musical staff, waves of sound and the technology that brings them together. A bright, electric palette energizes the logo, drawing inspiration from the energy and spectacle musicians often incorporate into their live shows.