Describe the innovative features of this electronic keyboard to an audience of live musicians, and do so in a way that generates excitement.


This keyboard was designed from the ground up. It presented a game-changing array of features, many never before available. Unsurprisingly, it's price tag reflected this level of innovation, and it became clear that the best way to market the product was to present it in a way that separated it from the competition and positioned it as an indispensable instrument for the serious musician.

Dozens of product features were divided into four broad categories, and a "character" developed for each. The young man that's "gotta go" speaks to portability. The self-directed woman who wants her instrument to "reflect her style" will customize her keyboard to make it unique. An artist says "let me feel" as he searches for the instrument that provides the most expressive playing experience. And the musician who's always on the lookout for the newest, most advanced technology wants to "reach the edge" of advancements in electronic music.

Posters and advertisements were developed for each character, creating an opportunity to tell a longer story that could be changed as circumstances dictate. Banners depicting the characters lined the back of the trade show booth. An invitation was created, beckoning musicians to "come and play" the instrument at a special event, trade show, or the special studio housed in the main offices, designed to allow potential customers try the keyboard out for themselves.

At trade shows, keyboards in all five bright colors were arranged on tables so that visitors could see one of the most unusual features instantly – the keyboard folds in half. Folded business cards resembling the folded keyboard repeat the visual, and brochure holders were fashioned to complement the inverted "V" shape of the folded instrument.

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