Develop stationery and promotional materials that integrate the themes developed for a logo concept and campaign, presenting the company behind a revolutionary keyboard designed for the live musician.


The brand identity developed for this revolutionary keyboard mirrors the instrument itself and pays homage to one of its most extraordinary features.

The keyboard, designed for live musicians on the go, folds in half and slip into a custom-designed backpack, making it much easier to carry. To reflect this feature, a photo of the product was printed on the outside of business cards measuring twice the length of a standard card. Contact information was printed on the inside. The cards were folded along the short side, with the keyboard facing out. When folded, only the keyboard is seen. When the business cards stand on their ends, the business card perfectly resembles the partially folded keyboard (seen in the showroom or at a trade show). These miniature versions of the keyboard, partially folded and arranged on a table, create an unusual display that is not likely to be forgotten.

The logo for the organization was designed with a flexible element — a graphic wave representing sound and the lines of the staff used in musical notation. The lines reinforce the brand on stationery items and marketing materials, as well as on the magnesium casing of the keyboard itself. If needed, photos of the characters (developed to embody product features) can also be used to enhance identity materials, as in an invitation that asks musicians to "come and play" the keyboard at trade shows and special events.