Create a name and logo concept for a transformational fitness program that educates and trains groups of six women over a three-month period. Also, design a logo concept for the parent fitness company, named for the founder, that incorporates elements of her cultural background.


Choosing to create a brand from your own name requires special care. You must live the image you create, making the personal a public thing. The dynamic, powerful woman who formed this organization lives what she teaches, and chose to use her first name to brand this company.

The polished gemstones — cabochons — found in traditional Thai jewelry provided inspiration for the jewel-like finish applied to a transitional, elegant wordmark. In keeping with the eponymous spirit, the colors of Thailand were also incorporated: orchids, tide pools, sunsets and brightly colored birds offered teal, sea foam, vibrant orange and royal purple.

To better serve her clients, the founder created a woman-centered, three-month transformational program that blends exercise and food with the psychological framework that binds what we want to what we do. But she had a concern: her beautiful fitness studio was only large enough to train six women at a time. This supposed limitation was, instead, positioned as the program's most effective selling point.

The program was christened “The Power of Six” to describe the nurturing process of a small group of women coming together to support one another. Five green cabochons welcome a sixth orange cabochon into the space, completing a diamond that represents the group. Colors are used to create a visual representation of a collective embrace — an easily recognized symbol that reinforces the nurturing, welcoming feeling this program provides.

The fitness program includes three primary elements: nutrition, exercise and encouragement. A cabochon icon was developed for each of these elements and used in promotional pieces and in the personalized materials received by each participant.

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