Create printed pieces that appeal to two sets of customers: women who want an overview of the program and those who want to investigate the full suite of products and services before committing themselves to a daily, three-month regimen.


Two different brochures were created to serve these two audiences.

The smaller, less expensive, three-panel piece provides an overview of the program, its philosophy and the suite of services it includes: personal training, yoga, massage, nutrition counseling, cooking classes, image consulting, and counseling. The three primary focus areas – education, exercise and encouragement – are described in relationship to the overarching philosophy, and a list of components are provided to demonstrate the extraordinary range of the program.

The second brochure is a small folder (6" x 6" closed; 6" x 18" open) that holds a set of information cards describing each aspect of the program in detail. As the program evolves, the flexibility of the design allows for new options and new consultants to be added to the promotional materials without the expense and hassle of producing entirely new brochures. Insert cards can be printed as needed, and waste is minimized. Cards can be organized in ways that make sense to a particular audience, and folders that market permutations of the primary program can be developed as needed. The small size makes it easy for brochures to be distributed casually — handed to a friend or slipped in a purse.

The icons and colors developed for use in the logo concept, derived from the heritage of the program's creator, are applied to each piece, maintaining a consistent brand. The call is simple, and reflects the theme of the logo concept: We are coming together to help one another transform. Join us.

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