Design a comprehensive brand identity for both a company and its signature program — a three-month transformational fitness program — that allows for growth, flexibility and customization.


The bright colors and cabochons of the logo concept provide a starting point for the execution of this brand. Materials used to identify and promote the company use the wordmark as the focal point. Cabochons are used in either a scattered fashion or lined up to create a wallpaper, recalling beautiful glass tiles or expensive quilted leather.

Materials used to promote and support the program feature the six-segmented cabochon that visually represents welcoming a new member to each class. Program materials are kept clean and simple to keep new members from feeling overwhelmed by information or tasks. Each participant is presented with a personalized plastic binder box that provides a place to collect program materials and other goodies as the program progresses. Materials also include the cabochon icons representing movement and exercise, the nourishment of both mind and body, and the community spirit that unites these efforts.

To add a more personal dimension to the materials, photos are used along with inspirational slogans. Each slogan includes the word "power" to expand on the idea embodied in the program name.

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