Design an identity for two electronics recycling companies that have merged but not changed names, visually establishing the relationship between the environment and the end of the technology life cycle.


Everything has a life cycle. All of the things we buy have a moment when they come into existence and a moment when their useful life is over. The components in most electronics include heavy metals and toxic materials which can damage the ecosystem if disposed of improperly.

 The concepts of “electronics” and “recycling” come together in a glowing, electronic leaf that conveys both the service offering and its purpose. Fresh green and deep ocean blue extend the visual metaphor, linking the green of printed circuit boards with vivid vegetation and associating deep ocean water with LED lights.

When these two companies merged, they chose to maintain their existing names but share a cohesive identity. Similar services were offered in different locations, and staff at each needed to maintain long-term associations with the company name while expanding the combined presence into new markets. By placing wordmarks on opposite sides of the electronic leaf symbol, each name can be used individually or in tandem, allowing flexibility in dealing with new and existing customers. An extended, modern typeface establishes this as a technologically sophisticated company solving a new problem in an advanced, responsible way.

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