Develop a single brand identity for two separate electronics recycling companies, each maintaining a different name, after a merger.


The electronic leaf logo concept was combined with a slogan, “Complete the Cycle,” that references both the part recycling plays in our lives and the client’s role in the development, use and disposal of electronic devices. Customers are invited to take responsibility for the equipment they manufacture, purchase and use by conscientiously ending the life cycle of potentially hazardous products.

The vivid green and blue colors used throughout the identity recall landscape photos used in the company brochure and the natural world we see each day. Lighter and darker versions of the saturated green and blue color palette produce a wide range of business papers, allowing staff to choose color combinations suited to their personal tastes.

Materials developed for one company or the other use one company name, placing the electronic leaf either to the left or the right. Materials developed for the company as a whole use both names, placing the leaf design between them. In this way, the logo maintains enough flexibility to be used as each company prefers.

A 25th anniversary promotional piece was also developed to announce the merger, describe the evolution of the company and communicate its expanding capabilities.

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