Produce a single site that brings together three service offerings for two markets, all focused on the practice of dental occlusion.


A slogan was chosen – "The Right Fit" – that succinctly describes the idea of occlusion, which is the way teeth fit together when we bite and chew. The slogan, once chosen, provided a memorable URL. Headers on each page of the site reinforce the slogan and add additional information about the need for "the right fit" and what good occlusion is.

A single landing page directs visitors to the right section of the site. Other dentists are the market for the laboratory, which produces a patented, custom appliance, and the training institute, which provides continuing education. The patient site, directed at the general public, provides detailed information on the need for good occlusion and the comprehensive services offered by the practice. These departments are assigned their own colors, and the website extends this aspect of the brand with three simple sites, each using an appropriate color scheme and logo.

Each site has its own top-level navigation, but the other sections of the site are easily accessible from shared navigation above the header. Images and permutations of the slogan introduce the primary idea of each page and connect visitors to the core idea. All three sites are introduced by a single splash page that orients users and points them in the appropriate direction.

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