Develop a custom menswear campaign that doesn't rely on cliché images of nondescript, size 42 men.  


Every man is unique. Every man becomes established in his own way. This campaign reflects that. 

The name of the business — Established Sartorial — is paired with a description of the gentlemen in the accompanying photo. The subjects of the advertisements are always clients.

In the "Who?" campaign, the men themselves are chronicled. The description can include a man's profession, reputation or notable achievement. In the "When?" campaign, a specific life event is chronicled — a wedding, a new business, an award, or any occasion where a man might want to present his best self. 

The business can offer any client the opportunity to be photographed for this campaign — the more diverse the client base, the more interesting the campaign becomes. It can accommodate the famous and the phenomenal; the accountant rock star and the romantic scientist. It can celebrate the individual man, his exceptional voice, his evolving family and his provocative tribe.

By avoiding the too-standard "man in a suit" campaigns that pervade the industry, these advertisements demonstrate the real-world value of looking your best by employing an enthusiastic group of local customers. The campaign expands and grows with the client base.

Much of the campaign will be broadcast over social media, which encourages clients to share the photos. This creates greater awareness of the brand and gives customers a way to connect with and advocate for the brand without resorting to sites that publish reviews of local businesses.

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