Develop a logo treatment for a charitable foundation, applying elements of an existing logo concept to images of the nonprofit Ranch it was developed to support.


The foundation was created to provide long-term financial stability for a Ranch community that serves people with intellectual disabilities. The type treatment from the organization’s original logo was used as a starting point, and additional type (the word "Foundation" and the article "the") were added above and below the existing type. Solid lines were added to visually bind the words together. This long, solid logo recalls the concept of a foundation – a strong support upon which everything else rests.

The Ranch identity included an existing color palette. Rather than develop a new color palette or reuse some portion of the established one, textures were used. Leather, suede, aged paper and denim reference life on the Ranch: well-worn, solid, and comfortable. This is a place of hard work and sustained effort.

The logo's more formal appearance, appropriate to a charitable foundation building a sustainable trust, rests on backgrounds that recall the primary objective: sustaining the Ranch community and supporting its mission for the foreseeable future. Each photo demonstrates what can be accomplished when a community comes together to accomplish a common goal.

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