Design a brand identity that integrates recognizable textures and symbols from Texas culture with images of the Ranch that this charitable foundation was established to serve.


The logo created for this Foundation rests on textures that recall daily life at the Ranch it supports – denim, suede and aged paper are a testament to hard work and the stability that work provides. Leather was used as the background for the foundation’s business papers, a testament to the boots, work gloves and saddles used by the dedicated men and women who live and work there. Antiqued silver stars resemble the original Texas Ranger badges, a potent local symbol that affirms the foundation's mandate to serve and protect Ranch Residents.

The story of the Ranch can best be told in pictures, so images from the Ranch are used whenever possible. The Ranch's large central barn guards the property. Chickens leaving their coop and the serene gaze of a longhorn remind us of the reality of rural life. A lamp hanging on a fence post lights the way home. Worn boots rest on a front porch and a wheelbarrow waits against a fence, waiting for Ranchers to begin a new day. Each of these images is a testament to the very real results of years of hard work. Each piece recalls the real-world results made possible by the generosity of thousands of donors and volunteers.

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