Develop a highly-flexible campaign that reaches a diverse range of audiences, encouraging people to learn more about preventive cardiology and how heart health can impact every facet of life — but do so without threats or fear. 


We have so many goals; so many dreams. We work long hours, investing in our families and careers. This campaign recognizes that good health is a critical part of these efforts: to achieve our dreams, we must invest our whole selves — body, mind, and spirit. It's also a gentle reminder that our plans can be derailed by poor health.

This campaign introduces the concept of preventive cardiology to the Austin community. Heart disease is the single largest cause of death and a significant cause of disability. Preventive medicine reduces these risks, improving both the quality and quantity of life and enabling us to pursue our dreams. This clinic is the first preventive practice in Austin, so it was important to generate interest in both the business and its approach — an emerging response to chronic health issues.  

The slogan is flexible, and can accommodate a range of terms. Your "whole life" needs your whole heart, but so do your dreams and your goals. The slogan is also the organization's URL, increasing campaign memorability. (The website can be found at yourwholeheart.com.)

This campaign appeals to adults of every age (half of women and two-thirds of men with heart disease are under 65). The clinic includes a specific focus on women's health, so the campaign makes a deliberate appeal to women, who are more likely to misunderstand their symptoms or to believe that heart disease is a "man's problem."  

Demographic-Specific Cardiology Campaign

The clinic is creating programs to meet the needs of specific audiences: mothers, business owners, and men under 65. Heart disease can take decades to manifest into a cardiac event (heart attack or stroke) so reaching these audiences is the first step in encouraging prevention. To appeal to these groups, the slogan can be altered.

"Your family loves your whole heart" speaks to mothers and fathers, who clearly understand the need to invest their full selves into these roles.

"Your business needs your whole heart" speaks to business owners who have already invested in an entrepreneurial venture. They may also be inspired to enroll employees in the clinic's programs: for most small business owners, illness or disability in a key employee can have a profound effect on the bottom line.

"Your friends need your whole heart" allows the campaign to reach out to specific demographic, cultural and economic populations. People in certain demographics are more likely to develop atherosclerosis, and may be less likely to seek treatment or understand their symptoms. Sometimes tactics as simple as awareness with a specific community and peer pressure can be an effective way to encourage screening and, more importantly, prevention. Campaigns that incorporate this or similar slogans can be used to target many different groups. 

This campaign could also be used within a specific organization. For example, if the military wanted to encourage preventive cardiology within a division, the slogan could be altered to "Your unit needs your whole heart." In a specific sport, the word "team" could be used. Since heart disease is the single largest cause of death, finding ways to incorporate preventive medicine and increase awareness among any population is a critical first step toward addressing better health. 

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