Cable Assembly in China

China is extremely well-suited to custom cable assembly. The availability of raw materials and a robust wire extrusion industry translates into exceptional turn times and low manufacturing costs, and our team adds decades of experience to the mix.

We begin each project with a detailed examination of how the assembly will be used, formulating manufacturing methods that blend the right materials and techniques. We develop cable assemblies for a wide range of industries, each posing a unique set of variables, from environmental stresses like temperature and moisture to abrasion, tensile strength, vibration, high-repetition movement and corrosion.

We use custom braiding to manufacture high-quality cable and can incorporate custom colors to make installation and maintenance easier. We manufacture custom cable assemblies with a wide range of connectors, including computer, DeviceNet and Ethernet cables. We combine potting, premolding and overmolding to develop cabling that meets standards for durability (including IP67/68) and environmental standards (RoHS, CMP, CMR, LSZH). China’s competitive plastics industry enables us to create overmolded custom cables and overmolded connector tooling very quickly — dies can be built in 10 days and shipped to a different production facility or used on site. We make our own tools, dies and applicators as needed, and can store them for faster future builds. Each cable assembly, whether crafted in India or here in the U.S., is subjected to rigorous testing. Once it’s in the field, we encourage customer feedback, allowing us to improve future builds and meet any unexpected needs.

Some customers prefer to run small quantities as needed. Others choose to take advantage of bulk pricing and manufacture cable assemblies in significant quantities; we warehouse and ship the product as needed. Regardless of the volume, we make sure that each build is exactly the same as the first. Our high-end ERP systems document each event in the cable assembly manufacturing cycle, and allow us to move manufacturing from China to the U.S. or India while maintaining first-article quality.

We build custom cable assemblies in China for:

  • computer and controller area networks (CAN), devicenet (M8 / M12), including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) custom cables;
  • custom cables for product manufacturers;
  • household appliances and refrigeration trucks with thermistors;
  • oil, gas, wind, solar and natural gas companies, as well as mining and exploration;
  • pneumatic and hydraulic equipment as well as cranes and lift stations;
  • gaming and casino applications;
  • industrial and agricultural equipment;
  • material handling and food processing.